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Help for Heroes Register Page

Thanks to the fantastic British public, Help for Heroes has raised much needed funds to support members of the Armed Forces who are injured, wounded or become sick in the service of our country. All funds raised to date have either been allocated or spent on the direct, practical support of the wounded.

Help for Heroes is working with the MOD and the Royal British Legion to create five regional Personal Recovery centres. The centres will provide facilities to support two key parts of the recovery process; holistic life skills and activities to get the wounded, sick and injured back out doing what they enjoy the most. From learning new skills, to access to psychological, financial, employment, prosthetic and social support, the Recovery Centres are a "one stop welfare shop" for our wounded and their families.

AIHHP supports Help for Heroes

AIHHP members provide a range of high quality services including hearing assessments, hearing aid provision, hearing protection and other specialised services relating to hearing. AIHHP strive to promote credible and accessible hearing care which means it's also very important to us to be involved with registered and strong valued, charitable organisations such as Help for Heroes.

Find your nearest AIHHP Hearing Care Centre

If you have been discharged from the armed forces on the grounds of hearing loss we can offer the following support:

  • Free Hearing Test
  • Free Hearing Aids
Please Register to locate your nearest AIHHP Hearing Care Centre


When you attend your appointment at the Hearing Care Centre you will be asked to provide the following documentation:
  • Proof of identification
  • Proof that they have served in the army
  • SPVA medical discharge form
Please note that your details will be verified with the SPVA