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I think I have hearing loss


Hearing loss is a gradual process that others may notice before you do. But if you think you have a hearing loss this section will provide more information on the signs and solutions available.

Types of hearing loss
There are two main types of hearing loss: 1. Sensorineural – 95% of people with hearing loss have this type 2. Conductive - This type of hearing loss affects the other 5% of ...Read More
The signs of hearing loss
In most cases, hearing loss occurs gradually. It is painless and invisible and the deterioration is so gradual, it can go virtually unnoticed to the point where it appears ‘normal’ ...Read More
What does hearing loss sound like?
To have a hearing loss can be a very challenging problem to have, and it can be difficult to describe to someone who has ‘normal’ hearing what everyday noises now sound like to a ...Read More
How is hearing loss measured?
There is an international scale that measures hearing loss and the below diagram shows which sounds can be missed depending on the type of hearing loss you have: Mild hearing ...Read More
What causes hearing loss?
There are a number of different reasons why someone might be suffering from a hearing loss. This can either be inherited genetically, acquired from illness, drugs, exposure to loud noise, tumours, ...Read More
What can be done about hearing loss?
Free hearing tests are available at hearing healthcare practises nationwide and your local one can be found here. Or a free 3 minute online hearing test can be taken here – however if you ...Read More

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