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Despite breakthrough developments in hearing instrument technology, a significantly high proportion of users still report dissatisfaction with their hearing aids. Studies have shown that this dissatisfaction may be due to the way the hearing instrument has been fitted and the aftercare support provided by the hearing healthcare professional.

This issue highlights the fact that the hearing aid is only a part of your journey to better hearing. The ability of your hearing healthcare professional and the standards and protocol they follow are the key to releasing the full potential of the hearing instrument. Consultant Approved Hearing Centres are committed to following the very highest standards of audiological and customer care as specified by an independent advisory panel.

With a Consultant Approved Hearing Centre you can rest assured you are receiving the very highest standards of audiological and customer care.

Consultant Approved Hearing Centres commit to providing:

To find your local Consultant Approved Site visit the hearing centres page where each CAS is identified by a logo within their listing.

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