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Jessica-Jane Clements - Lyric
Jessica-Jane Clements Real-Hustle TV star, actress and model, was fitted with a Lyric hearing aid in 2012 after an illness in 2005 left her deaf in one ear. Read the full story below: It was ...Read More
Karen Hardy - Lyric
Karen Hardy Dancer & Strictly Come Dancing Champion with cricketer Mark Ramprakash in 2006 and British, European and World Champion Latin American Dancer had lost 70% of her hearing by the age ...Read More
Ben Lancaster - Lyric
Ben an ex-member of the Armed Forces who has recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan suffered severe hearing loss during an IED strike while serving in Afghanistan. Ben, 23, said: ...Read More
Denise Adams - Phonak Audéo S Smart
Denise Adams, a grandmother of two who lived with substantial hearing loss for a number of years entered the competition after facing up to her fears and seeking medical care following persistent ...Read More
Jayne Leadbeater - Phonak Ambra
Jayne Leadbeater a primary school teacher who is a keen trombonist in her spare time entered the ‘Hear My Story’ competition after struggling to hear the children in her class when ...Read More
Zoe Alexander - Lyric
Zoe Alexander a 22-year-old Charity Volunteer was diagnosed with sensory-neural hearing loss at the age of 14 and then suffered with depression making her feel anxious and ...Read More

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