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Roger Clip-on Mic - for TV and Multimedia


The Roger Clip-on Mic used in it's docking station can connect to your multimedia devicesThe Roger Clip-on Mic can connect to an audio source – such as your TV, tablet or HiFi - to hear its audio signal directly in your hearing aids.

This can be done either with the docking station (as pictured) or the micro-USB audio cable can be used to connect the Roger Clip-on Mic directly to the multimedia device.

What is it Used With?

The Roger Clip-on Mic is used with miniature Roger receivers, which attach directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Experience Roger Clip-on Mic

The Roger Clip-on Mic can also be used in a variety of different listening situations. Watch our video below to see how it can be used:

For more details about the Roger Clip-on Mic find your local provider here.

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