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The Phonak ComPilot as a remote controlThe Phonak ComPilot is an easy to use device that allows you to control your hearing aids with the touch of a button.

As well connecting your ComPilot to your TV, stereo systems and mobile phones the ComPilot can also be used as a remote control which allows you to operate and make alterations to your hearing instruments with the press of a button - easy!

ComPilot is the first accessory to offer voice spoken alerts making it really easy to identify which device you are connected to or which programme you have selected.

Using ComPilot as a Remote Control

Before the remote control functionality can be used, the remote control must be enabled. It is not possible to use the ComPilot as a remote control with different pairs of hearing aids.

There are two ways to use the ComPilot as remote control The neckloop is plugged in with both ends and the ComPilot must be worn around the neck. The remote control function is available as long as the ComPilot is not streaming audio.

The neckloop is completely un-plugged and ComPilot is operated at arm’s length. No streaming is possible in this configuration. Make sure the ComPilot is switched ON.


For more details watch the below video:

For more details about the ComPilot find your local provider here.

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