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3D mapping technology offers discreet hearing boost for millions

3D mapping technology offers discreet hearing boost for millions...
By Pegasus PR Comments 0

Hearing Help for British Troops

British Service men and women who have been discharged from the army due to damaged hearing are being offered free hearing instruments...
By Pegasus PR Comments 0

Sound of the dawn chorus ends Jackie’s quiet life

Sound of the dawn chorus ends Jackie’s quiet life….. as her new hearing aids confront her with a world of noise. For nearly 30 years, Jackie Grand lived in a world of partial sound. Her hearing began to deteriorate when she was in her late 20s but...
By Pegasus PR Comments 0

People with good hearing enjoy better relationships with family and friends

The international “Hearing is Living” study by Hear the World shows how important good hearing is for building and maintaining social relationships...
By Karen Redfern Comments 0

The Beautiful Game

Love it or loathe it football, the beautiful game, is the number one sport in Great Britain and has become embedded in British culture and like many other examples of British culture it has been adapted by Deaf Culture....
By Chris Roberts Comments 1

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