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3D mapping technology offers discreet hearing boost for millions


By Pegasus PR


Cutting-edge 3D mapping technology, currently used in aerospace navigation systems, is being utilised to develop a new generation of hearing device for the 9 million British people with hearing loss.

The pioneering technology is being used to create a detailed, ‘virtual’ image of a person’s inner-ear which can then be used to produce a fully customised hearing device that sits deeper inside the ear canal.

This means the very latest, state-of-the-art hearing technology can be made available in a discreet solution for the very first time and there is no compromise between size and performance.

The new technology, pioneered by Phonak is already being used for one of the world’s smallest hearing aids called the Nano.

Traditionally, hearing aids have sat behind-the-ear (TE) of the user.  As technology has evolved, devices have been developed that sit in-the-ear (ITE) but even the smallest of these are still visible when worn.

The new technology being used to customise the Nano – which is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss – enables the device to sit much deeper in the ear canal providing a more discreet, comfortable and secure fit.

Approximately one in five adults experience hearing difficulties and this figure is expected to rise to one in three by 2025.  People currently struggle with hearing loss for an average of 15 years before seeking advice (reference required).

Paul Checkly, audiologist at Harley  Street  Hearing in London, said “Misconceptions about the size and visibility of hearing devices put people off treating their hearing loss.

However, the sooner they can take action, the more of their hearing can be saved.

“This new fitting technology paves the way for smaller, more discreet hearing devices, such as the Nano.  This will go a long way in encouraging image conscious people to come forward about their hearing problems”.

Stuart Neilson, Managing Director of Phonak UK, said “The Nano represents the next generation in hearing aid technology.

“Recent advances in microchip technology have enabled the device components to be reduced in size while maintaining the same level of functionality.”

Phonak Nano is available from private hearing aid audiologist nationwide.


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By Pegasus PR

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